We can’t express how much our kids have enjoyed the Art Workshop. They are excited to attend each week and we are always eager to see what they come home with. Each workshop they create new and interesting pieces of art using different materials and often engaging different parts of their brain. The environment is fun and open and welcoming, and its great to see kids of different ages coming together to express themselves.
— Jodi, Parent of 3rd and 5th grade students

Our son loves Ms. Reuter’s workshops because she encourages students to dive in and explore innovative art techniques and mediums to push creativity to new levels. He raves about how Ms. Reuter has a special ability to understand his fantastical ideas and to help him create art pieces that reflect his vivid imagination. In our son’s words, Ms. Reuter is “super deep and super cool.” We definitely agree and are grateful that her wonderful teaching will have a lasting positive influence on his confidence and ability to express himself in many ways beyond art.
— Laura, Parent of 4th grade student

Ms. Reuter’s Art Workshop is amazing. Ana (age 9) has always loved art and the workshops provide opportunities for self-directed creativity under an amazing art teacher.
— Andrea, Parent of 3rd grade student

My daughter loves this workshop. She talks about it constantly at home and always tells her friends they should join in. 
— Giulia, Parent of 1st grade student

I love the Art Workshop because we get to do fun things like painting and making clay art. I love the Art Workshop because I can be creative.
— Louella, 4th grade student