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Lacey, a Tacoma native, graduated from the American University of Paris, France, and has a background in fine art, art history, teaching, and mindfulness meditation. She has lived and studied art in Japan, French Polynesia, and Ghana.

Since 2011, Lacey has taught art classes, art workshops, and art camps to hundreds of students at St. Joseph School, Holy Rosary School, and Seattle Lutheran High School. She has served as the K-8 art instructor at Holy Rosary School since 2014. 

Lacey's art can be viewed online at her digital portfolio and at the American Art Company gallery. Her murals can be seen in person at Evergreen College and Jazzbones in Tacoma. 

Outside of art and teaching, Lacey enjoys backpacking trips, PBS nature documentaries, and spending time with her family. She is passionate about heart-centered living, community building, and environmental conservation.

Our son loves Ms. Reuter’s workshops because she encourages students to dive in and explore innovative art techniques and mediums to push creativity to new levels. He raves about how Ms. Reuter has a special ability to understand his fantastical ideas and to help him create art pieces that reflect his vivid imagination. In our son’s words, Ms. Reuter is “super deep and super cool.” We definitely agree and are grateful that her wonderful teaching will have a lasting positive influence on his confidence and ability to express himself in many ways beyond art.
— Lara W., parent of 4th grade student